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Heavy Metal is Heavy Duty Quality you can trust.

Warranty Coverage

Heavy Metal Lifetime Warranty Covers the Following:

Strut Spacers Lightbar Brackets
Coil Spacers Shackles
Lift Blocks Drop Brackets
Control Arms Torque Plates
Trackbars Shock Extenders
Steering Stabilizers Torsion Keys
Leaf Springs Strut Clevis
Leaf Packs Gear Retainers
Wheel Spacers Torsion Tools
U-Bolts Spring Over Axle Conversion Pads


 Items covered with a 90-Day Limited Warranty

Washers Nuts Bolts
Bushings Wheel Studs Ball Joints
Cosmetic Damage Mounts Helm Joints
Tie Rod Ends Bearings Shims
Bump Stops Shock Boots Brass Power Fittings


Items that are not covered under Heavy Metal's Lifetime Warranty or 90-Day Limited Warranty.

 Shocks Non-Heavy Metal Products

Non-Covered Items are covered by their own manufacturer's warranty. 

If you have any questions regarding your part, please Contact Us.